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Awarded as the 2022 Shenzhen Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise


Awarded as the 2022 Shenzhen Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise

It is a small and medium-sized enterprise characterized by specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty, with core business, refined production, unique processes and technologies, management, and business model innovation.

expert”It refers to products with strong specificity, obvious professional characteristics, and strong market specialization produced through specialized production using specialized technology or processes.
essence”It refers to the use of advanced and applicable technologies or processes, in accordance with the concept of excellence, the establishment of precise and efficient management systems and processes, and the careful design and production of high-quality products through refined management.
special”It refers to products developed and produced using unique processes, technologies, formulas, or special raw materials, with regional characteristics or special functions.
new”It refers to high-tech products developed and produced through independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation, or introduction of digestion, absorption, and re innovation methods, with independent intellectual property rights.

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